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The M & M Group of companies is structured so that we are able independently provide our clients with a wide range of services to meet their needs. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of private clients and small to medium sized businesses.

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Financial Planning

At M & M we offer a holistic approach to your financial requirements considering all aspect of your life such that you are able to meet your life goals. We offer a complimentary first meeting to assess needs and objectives and determine whether further help is required.


Our expertise is in all areas of personal financial planning notably investment and savings, retirement planning, mortgages and debt management, tax planning and wealth protection.  We provide bespoke financial planning solutions to achieve objectives.


At M & M we have recognised the varying needs of clients and offer a dedicated specialist service to 4 sectors, these being Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Media & Sports and International clients.  

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1.1 Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are renowned for generating wealth through their own ventures and hard work, good financial planning in conjunction with entrepreneurial assets can significantly enhance their financial position over the long-term. 

Once the foundations have been laid, entrepreneurs should consider making use of the available tax allowances and exemptions to enhance returns on their invested wealth.  Entrepreneurs willing to commit their personal capital for the longer-term can access attractive tax breaks in schemes that can complement their business interests.


1.2 Professionals

Our client’s include solicitors, accountants, doctors, surveyors, engineers, architects, consultants, actuaries and other professional practitioners. We understand the particular factors affecting your personal and professional financial position.

Our expertise in investment management, tax planning and other financial services means we are uniquely placed to advise professionals in the UK.  We recognise that individuals want to achieve successful careers and maintain a life-work balance. M & M offers a tailored made financial service to assist decision making in today’s fast changing business environment.

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1.3 Media and Sports

Media and Sports professionals tend to have volatile earnings but also extremely financially rewarding careers. Our aim is to make sure their career earnings support them and their families into retirement. 

The M & M group of companies is set up to assist individuals with little time but significant wealth. Our service allows the individual to focus on their talent and career whilst having all aspects of their financial affairs managed by us.  We can help with with following:

    • Budgeting, during and following your active career.
    • Advice on saving into Pensions, ISAs and Investments.
    • Tax efficiency.
    • Preparing for injury or illness.

1.4 International Clients

M & M can assist with offshore banking and investments to meet the specific needs of international clients.  Non-UK domiciled investors who live in the UK have important choices available to them for their wealth planning decisions. Perhaps you are moving to the UK for a short period of time, or you may already have sufficient funds or income in the UK to leave your offshore assets untouched for the duration of your stay.  M & M has a vast experience of utilising onshore and offshore centres to maximise your investment capabilities.


By investing in accordance with complex tax legislation, we can offer you tax-efficient solutions depending on your individual situation and needs. Legislation surrounding international status clients is complex and ever evolving, we work very closely with our tax and legal partners to ensure that the our clients receive the best possible advice.

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