Our Process

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Our Process

At M & M we provide our services through a robust five step process.  This provides our clients with confidence that the advice they receive is through an organised and diligent process.  Our methodology is built around putting our client’s first, enabling us to create a detailed plan in line with their objectives, which is then monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

1          Understanding Your Circumstances -

The initial stages of our relationship involves us undertaking a comprehensive review of your existing financial and personal circumstances in order to establish how we are able to help. The advice we provide and its success will depend on the quality and clarity of the information communicated to us.  Your information is gathered so that we are able to accurately asses your situation and provide precise advice based on your circumstances.

2          Analysing and Evaluating Your Circumstances -

After gathering and understanding the current state of your circumstances we conduct an in depth analysis and determine the next steps needed for you to meet your objectives. We then design our recommendations based on our analysis.

3          Present Recommendations -

In accordance to information that is provided and the results of our evaluating process we will present our recommendations to you. Our presentation to you will be comprehensive and clear helping you to make an assured and informed decision.

4          Implementing Recommendations -

Once we receive your acceptance our client support team will complete the on boarding process and implement the the recommendations that you have accepted. We coordinate with the relevant service providers and conduct all the administration of this stage.

5          Monitoring and Reviewing -

We continuously review your circumstances alongside our recommendations ensuring that our advice is always appropriate to meet your objectives. It is important that you inform us of any changes that occur to your circumstances.  Our relationship is built on communicating with each other on a regular basis and conducting at least one formal review on an annual basis.