Wealth Management

The M & M Group of companies is structured so that we are able independently provide our clients with a wide range of services to meet their needs. Our services are specifically designed to meet the needs of private clients and small to medium sized businesses.

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Wealth Management

The investment solutions that we offer are designed to meet your specific needs.  Whether you want to take an active lead or free-up your time by delegating day-to-day investment decisions, we are committed to your financial success.


An M & M Investment Mandate combines a wide range of our investment capabilities into one tailor made offering.  We will assist you to define your investment risk profile ad consider all of your financial and personal circumstances, this enables us to manage your assets in the most appropriate way to achieve your goals.

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1.1 Advisory Investment Service

Our advisory service is designed to provide our clients with the ultimate decision making behind all their investment portfolio.  We will support you with our expertise offering regular proactive market analysis and diligent investment advice specifically based on meeting your needs. 


You will be designated a personal Investment Adviser who will be fully qualified to advise you on your investments.  There will be frequent communication from your adviser helping you optimise the performance of your investment portfolio.


Our advisers have access to A wide range of investment opportunities, including over 2,500 Unit Trusts, Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEICs) and Exchange Traded Funds.  Within this service you will have access to maximise tax efficiency via ISAs and Pensions. 


You will receive in depth reporting and tools to help you manage your investments with M & M. A detailed report will be produced every 6 months providing you with an overview of how the investment portfolio has performed.


We can also offer one-off investment advice if ongoing investment is not required, please speak to us about your requirements and we will be able to inform you of how we can help.

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